Group Coaching Skills


Group Coaching Skills Workshop

Do you work as facilitator, educator, trainer, coach?
Do you work with group of people?
Are you a team leader?

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • The formation of group
  • Stages of development
  • Groups need
  • Individuals needs in a group
  • Group becoming a team
  • Effectiveness of group
  • Some Critical Meta Programs
  • How do group learn

ورشة لمهارات تيسير للمجموعات

هل تعمل كميسر، معلم، مدرب، كوتش؟
هل تعمل مع مجموعة من الافراد او قيادة فرق؟
ان كانت الاجابة بنعم فلا تتردد في الانضمام الى هذه الورشة الاستثنائية

من خلال هذه الورشة هنطبق تمارين تشمل ما يلي

* تكوين المجموعة
* مراحل تطور المجموعة
* احتياجات الافراد في المجموعة
* التحول من مجموعة الى فريق
* كفاءة وفعالية المجموعة
* كيف يتعلم الافراد في مجموعة
* مهارات التيسير ( coaching ) لمجموعة من الافراد

كل ذلك واكثر من خلال تمارين وتطبيقات عملية في جو من التعلم الممتع


Menas Saleh

Thank you Lubna for the amazing workshop. It was 3 days of reflection, learning and taking lots of practical tips I will soon take into my group coaching work. Thank you for your grace and patience and for really understanding your audience and catering for our needs. Hopefully will see you in many more workshops to come in the future

Menas Saleh

Amal Hamdy Hafez

Thank you so much Lubna Al Sharif for your care and support and great information & knowledge u were keen to give all through the course..
Thank u my dear friends for your cooperation , support &sharing experience.The course was amazing.
Lubna is a very caring. .supporting professional trainer. .I ve learnt a lot about Group Coaching skills, tools & magic keys. Some of the most effecting things
* Is that people can connect & complete each others even if they are different. ..
* Simple ideas can be great when shared. .
* Creative thoughts are colourful butterflies flying out of the brainstorming box of wonderful group of people.
* How as a trainer you can get your Group Coaching mingling together in harmony inspite of their differences and find common things ..
I totally agree with Maha Mashhour that everyone can benefit of this course in work or daily life…So …Don’t Miss it …It’s Knowledge performed with love..Thank you

Amal Hamdy Hafez

Maha mashhour

It’s been a really very heavy course, full of knowledge and skills and enlightenment .
Thank you Lubna Al Sharif
You are amazing as usual….A great support,very inspiring and motivational.
The course gave me a valuable overview of how to coach a group, to facilitate and engage them in group work, to listen and connect with the coachees. Furthermore learning that a rocket and a frog have a lot in common ? taught me that in all the diversity everyone comes with we still have lot of in common. Flexibility would be another keyword which is extremely important .
I can write till tomorrow ?
But want you to experience this fun, joyful and rich course by yourself.
By the way it’s not only useful in group coaching but also in dealing with your friends family or coworkers or Don’t miss it

Maha mashhour

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