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Welcome to the NLP adventure. This adventure involves discovering how to truly run your own brain, and when can you do that, then you can do something that’s truly magical among humans, you can manage your moods to do whatever task you want in the best condition as you choose, to take your communication skill up to the level of influence. Imagine that! Wouldn’t that be Wonderful?

  • NLP History, Theory, and Latest Developments
  • Neuro-Semantic NLP Communication Model
  • Representational Systems and Meta-Modalities
  • Precision Questioning and The Meta-Model of Language
  • The Meta-Programs (Thinking Patterns) Model
  • The Milton Model – Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • The Meta-States Model
  • The TOTE and Strategy Model
  • The Time-Lines Model


 You will receive your Certification Through the International Society of Neuro-Semantics
Upon successful completion of this training & the assessment, you will be certified as an NLP Practitioner approved from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics

Throughout this course, you will learn how to:

  • Become an influential and inspirational communicator
  • Become competent at reading non-verbal communications
  • Increase your sensory acuity and (un)conscious awareness
  • Master your thinking and primary emotional states
  • Understand fears, anxieties and other destructive emotions
  • Empower and motivate yourself and other people
  • Develop strong personal and professional relationships
  • Envision success, create success and achieve lasting results
  • Modify undesired behaviors in yourself and other people
  • Efficiently extract and elicit information from others

Who should attend?

  • Individuals and organizations committed to developing communication excellence
  • Individuals wanting to break through limitations and blocks in their relationships that prevent sustained success.
  • Parents and teachers wanting solutions for parenting and teaching kids and teens
  • Coaches focusing on Performance coaching (skills and behaviors)
  • New Coaches wanting an introduction to coaching and NLP
  • Business Owners seeking to learn how to increase revenue through advanced communication skills
  • Couples wanting to create more passion and intimacy in their relationship
  • Psychologists, counselors and therapists wanting an introduction to Coaching and Neuro-Semantics


  • 70 Hours of Intense Practice & training
  • 200- page Course Manual in English.
  • Your Certificate approved by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics (ISNS).
  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks.
  • Ongoing feedback and support
  • Connecting with world-class Coaches that are attending the event

معلومات عن الدورة  :

تخيل أن تستيقظ وقد أصبحت لديك القدرة على معرفة كيفية إدارة أفكارك لتحقيق أفضل إمكانياتك والوصول لأهدافك. ليس فقط ذلك؛ بل أصبحت لديك القدرة أيضاً على فهم الأشخاص سواء كان شريك أو صديق أو زميل عميل أو مدير أو عميل وبالتالي لديك الفرصة لاختيار الوسيلة الأكثر فعالية للتواصل معه/معها. كما أصبحت أكثر وعياً في اختيار حالتك الانفعالية وقادر على إدارة حالتك الذهنية والنفسية بما يحقق لك أفضل النتائج.
بالإضافة إلى تعلمك أسلوب طرح الأسئلة المحددة بما يفيد في حياتك الشخصية والعملية ونموذج الدلالات اللغوية العصبية للوصول للنتائج المحددة وهو من أكثر النماذج فعالية في الكوتشينج وتحديد الأهداف؛ كل ذلك وأكثر ليس حلماً الآن بل بإمكانك تعلمه في دورة تدريبية مكثفة غنية بالتطبيقات العملية والأمثلة الحياتية.

  • التدريب معتمد دوليا.
  • يشمل كتيب تدريب مفصل مكون من 200 صفحة باللغة الإنجليزية وتترجم المصطلحات أثناء الشرح.



Such an experience

Meta NLP.. I just can say this course is above and beyond my expectations. I really highly recommend going through such an experience … it changes from the inside, gives new perspectives and options. From my point of view LUBNA not only helped me to be a certified NLP Practitioner but enabled me by her tremendous support, care and conscientiousness to develop and blossom more and more.
LUBNA’s passion, love and sense of humor is contagious.
Thank you Lubna Al Sharif

Maha Mashhour

Nihal Nour


Nihal Nour

Hussein Meshaly


Hussein Meshaly

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Founder of Laurus Training Center to be the starting point for those concerned with creating impact, enhancing their skills, learning empowering techniques that create in return more inner peace and satisfaction.