APG-Coaching Genius

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Accessing Personal Genius/ Self- Leadership Training (Coaching Genius). Self-Leadership is one of the most profound training’s in the field of performance development and coaching. It is based on the latest development in cognitive-behavioral psychology, the Meta-States model.During this training, you will learn and experience how to implement the Meta-States model in various aspects to maximize your performance and increase your efficiency.

Some of the direct outcomes of this training:

  • Achieve laser sharp concentration during whatever task you’re doing
  • Maintain strong intention to drive your energy towards your goals
  • Eliminate the inhibitory effect that result from “bad relationship” with your emotions
  • Reclaim ownership of your four basic powers: thinking, feeling, speaking & behaving which leads you to control your responses
  • Become a proactive person and close the knowing-doing gap
  • Blow out of all the “excuses” that stand in front of your achievements
  • Increase your creativity and generate out of the box solutions at will
  • Get rid of the hindering beliefs that prevent you from taking actions
  • Restructure you entire thinking/acting style to unleash your untapped resources

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